Full Spoon Ahead!
Full Spoon™ is a food-focused Employee Engagement Program from Whole Foods Market®. It inspires and sustains wellness at work, home, and everywhere else through cooking education, culture building and a discount on healthy foods at America's Healthiest Grocery Store™.

    At Whole Foods Market, we love food. That’s why focusing on fresh, whole foods is at the foundation of all that we do. It’s a passion that extends from the farmer to our stores, and now we can bring it to you.Learn more about us.

    Inspire a happy and engaged team with a unique, food-focused program that supports your company culture. We help you create the ideal engagement and wellness solution for employee retention, productivity and wellbeing that boosts your company culture to the next level. Find out how we do it.

    Take it from us, food is the key. One spoon size doesn’t always fit all, so we customize a healthy approach for every direction. Transform the way your employees feed their potential and give them a Full Spoon.
    Choose your company's ultimate meal ticket today!Get started.